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W.LAB is an online platform for lady academics to support each other and commiserate over the patriarchal Academy. We get it: we know you’re overworked, over-tired and generally exist on the knife’s edge of burnout, so we offer an array of sarcastic feminist content that’ll aid in you academic and professional career development. We want to help you overturn stereotypes, ace interviews, and crush your defences. We want to celebrate your achievements and support you in your failures. Our goal is and will always be to kick-ass and take names, and to lift other lady academics up as we do it. Sound awesome? Yeah, we think so, too.

W.LAB is a not-for-profit, inclusive online platform that aims to be intersectional and provides all contributors equitable pay for their work.

Meet the Team!


Publisher & Editorial Director

Alex is a 24 year-old harried grad student specializing in the intersections between fandom and publishing. Her interests include wearing jean jackets, eating her way around the globe, and reading fanfiction. On weekends she can be found plotting to dismantle the patriarchy.


Web Design & Marketing Manager

Patricia is a 27 year-old grad student working in Scholarly Communications. With 2 sisters and a group of women she calls sorority sisters she is a firm believer in women supporting women. On her downtime you'll probably find her on a yoga mat, the dodgeball court practicing her not-so fast reflexes or serving it up on a volleyball court.


Campaign Manager & Editor

Avvai is a grad student with boundless enthusiasm for learning and is forever grateful for libraries. One year, she worked in an aquarium where she read Rainbow Fish to children about 86 times, coaxed wolf eels out of their dens, and wrestled with the resident octopus once a week. Avvai loves a good infographic and hopes to one day make science more accessible and visual for everyone.


Design & Social Media Strategist

Jaz is a 26 year-old grad student who loves learning new things, connecting with other women, and pretending she’ll one day be a “morning person”. When she isn’t hitting the books, she runs a design side-hustle that aims to help small business achieve their dreams. She is desperate to adopt a puppy named Craig.

We get that school is expensive, so we offer most of our content for free… but if you want to see our member-only stuff, it’s $2.50 CAD/month. Think of it like taking us out for coffee--you buy us a medium cup of liquid caffeine, and we give you access to our Hot Take and Tea Time series, as well as downloadable resources and mentorship opportunities. Can’t spare $2.50 CAD? No worries! We accept any donations of $1 CAD or more, which can be recurring or one-time only. Thank you for supporting our lady academics!

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Love from our W.LAB community!

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W.LAB is where I come to commiserate with other women dealing with the same BS as I am.
Priya St.Clair
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Really love the fact that I can learn actual skills and rage against the patriarchy all in one place. The W.LAB community is made up of badasses… all we’re missing are the leather jackets.
Cass Rothman


Canadian Women Foundation

The CWF empowers women and girls to move out of violence, out of pov-erty, and into confidence and leadership. CWF is partnering with W.LAB to provide mentorship and scholarship opportunities to our community members.

Woman Interrupted App

According to the University of Columbia, female students are more likely to be interrupted when they speak. Enter the Woman Interrupted App: it analyzes your conversations throughout the day to count how many times you’ve been interrupted. W.LAB has partnered with them to create the manterruption counter on our website.

Innovation.ca (Canada Foundation for Innovation)

The CFI helps Canadian researchers with tools and funding to carry out high-quality research. We’re proud to be partnering with a a group that’s committed to transparency in funds, equity, diversity, and inclusion - es-pecially towards women-identifying researchers. CFI is providing fund-ing opportunities for our community.

Women Investing In Women Digital

This kickass digital media platform focuses on global women's issues, en-trepreneurship & investing for women and mindful millennials. WIIW believes that women are the future and is investing in W.LAB so that we can keep providing high quality content.

W.LAB is a not-for-profit, inclusive online platform that aims to be intersectional and provides all contributors equitable pay for their work.